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The Screaming O Condoms Fishbowl 144 Pieces. Condom pack for vibrating safe sex! Product highlights: vibrating ring voted Top Product and Best Ring by Women’s Health Magazine, 2007. Vibrating ring with Sensually Thin latex condom for enhanced safe sex! Fun, portable, compact way to make playing safe sexy! Unique pleasure knobs that turn him into a human vibrator. Raised pleasure ticklers for her. Standard features: disposable fun! Enhanced motor for maximum satisfaction, up to 40 minutes. Food grade quality SEBS, latex and phthalate free. Wireless. It is more fun with The Screaming O and selling it is, too! Keep The Screaming Os fast moving consumables on the move with new point-of-purchase candy jug style display units stocked with our fan favorite Screaming O Condoms! Each container fits neatly next to your register and shoppers can not resist reaching inside to touch, feel and take home a Screaming O treat! These bright Candy Jugs make it fun and easy to promote impulse sales! Dimensions: 6 inches width by 7.5 inches height by 8.25 inches depth. Fun, portable, compact way to make playing safe sexy! Sensually Thin latex condom for safe sex and enhanced pleasure!

Material: Latex, Plastic


Barcode: 10817483010535


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