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CGC Ok K 24K Gold Plated Pleasure Balls from Classic Erotica. Kick your Kegels into high gear with Oh K Pleasure Balls. Designed for the seasoned beginner and beyond, these balls are a fun way to strengthen your pelvic floor, help improve muscle control and enhance orgasms. Apply lubrication to balls. Lay down and gently insert ball or balls into vagina. Tense Kegels to hold balls inside. Sit up or move around depending on muscle strength and ability. Relax vaginal muscles to remove. Designed for vaginal use only. If any irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately. Intended for adult use only. Keep out of reach of children and pets. These unassuming pleasure balls are ideal for the seasoned beginner and beyond. Designed for enhancing pelvic floor muscles for greater orgasms. Total circumference: 0.75 inch, weight 1 ounce per ball. Gold plated carbon steel balls. Chip, crack and peel resistant. Clean toy with soap and water and/or antibacterial toy cleaner before and after use. Keepsake pouch included for storage.This product is not tested on animals. Made in the USA

Material: Steel

Color: Gold

Barcode: 638258901529


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